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Melissa Rayburn LMT, LLCC, MT-BC
Integrative Therapist
Certified Lymphatic Drainage Therapist,
Massage Therapist, and Music Therapist





There is no
substitute for
the human touch.


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The Benefits of Therapeutic Massage
The instinctual, natural healing touch of massage has been helping restore people's health since the beginning of mankind.
Studies have shown that the human touch reduces stress, alleviates depression, relieves pain, and boosts the immune system.
The human touch and massage are also emotionally healing and energizing.

Therapeutic massage is beneficial for healthy people because it helps maintain balance and relieve stress.
It is also helpful for a variety of conditions, including, but not limited to:

* Children with special needs

* Cancer patients

* Migraines or headaches

* Stress, anxiety, or depression

* Neck or back problems

* Allergies or sinus conditions

* Detox or immune system disorders

Most recipients of therapeutic massage experience increased circulation and flexibility. They feel relaxed and re-energized.
Massage reconnects the mind, body, and spirit while promoting health and well-being.


About Melissa
Melissa Rayburn has studied and practiced therapeutic techniques since 1993, helping heal people of all ages and conditions. She uses a variety of advanced but natural therapies to improve each person's health and well-being.

Melissa received her training in massage therapy from the C.A. Massage School and Clinic. She says of the career choice, "It chose ME... this career lets me blend everything I do and bridge the gap between allopathic and holistic healing."

She is a certified lymphatic drainage therapist (through The Chikly Institute), registered massage therapist, and board-certified music therapist. She has also trained in neuromuscular therapy, craniosacral therapy, myofascial release, reflexology, and reiki.

Melissa earned her bachelor's degree in music therapy from Sam Houston State University in 1993. She is a board-certified music therapist (MT-BC) and practiced music therapy for six years in settings such as hospitals and nursing homes, and privately with special needs children.

As an integrative therapist, Melissa incorporates music therapy into her practice. She genuinely loves her clients and it shows in every aspect of her work. When Melissa was in Houston, Texas, people came from all over the area to experience Melissa's healing touch. They recognize her kind, gentle spirit and sincere concern for others.

Melissa moved to Washington state in early 2020 and is beginning the next chapter of her career serving the Pacific Northwest. 


Woman of the Year 2005 and 2016 - Katy Charter Chapter of American Business Women's Association
Top Ten Candidate 2005 and 2014 - same as above
Woman of Excellence 2007 representing the Katy Charter Chapter of ABWA - honored by the Federation of Houston's Professional Women
Business Person of the Year 2008 - Texas Chapter of The Future Business Leaders of America



"Melissa’s lymphatic massage for surgical patients was a wonderful supportive treatment for my patients’ during their post operative recovery. Her expertise helped reduce swelling and promote healing after both facial and body surgeries.
Melissa understands the surgical anatomy , and worked with any special requests I needed to optimize their treatment. She has a special ability to understand the patients’ concerns, and to address each individual’s needs in a way that encourages physical and emotional recovery and healing. I would highly recommend Melissa to any patient". — Bonnie Baldwin MD

“At first, I was skeptical that Melissa could help. I was in so much pain I could barely walk. It took three months to sort out the surgical options, and during that time,
my only pain relief came from sessions with her. She’s dedicated to her patients, and I suspect they are dedicated to her, as well. I know I am.” —D.L.

“As a clinical social worker, my clients' mental, physical and spiritual well-being is my absolute priority. Melissa’s knowledge, experience and unique gifts, which extend far beyond ‘therapeutic’ massage, allow me to unconditionally refer clients. She offers quality services, genuine care, alternative healing, and a refreshing way of looking at life.” —A.M.C., LCSW

“When I walk out, I feel younger and exhilarated. My doctor said to continue regularly because it is so good for the circulation.” —J.E.

“In my national and international travels, I have found no one as skilled and talented as is Melissa. She conveys compassion and healing with every touch, whether verbal, physical, or spiritual.” —L.G.

“From the moment I walked in, I felt a prayer had been answered. She is knowledgeable, sensitive and gifted with hands that intuitively know what areas to work on. I’ve had amazing breakthroughs in my lymphedema issues. It’s as if her hands have eyes to see past the skin.” — Gratefully, D.F.

“Melissa saved my life. I had no energy or drive. She not only energized me, but put me in balance again.”  —S.M

“About five years ago I was told that I would have to have back surgery... I started going to Melissa once a week and within three months I was feeling a big difference. Now I see her wonderful face every two weeks and she continues to help me walk without pain. She also helped with the pains in my legs. She is a wonderful physical and spiritual healer.” —C.P.

“My son has severe cerebral palsy and has been seeing Melissa weekly for over a year. Since he's nonverbal, Melissa is his outlet, providing a safe place where he ‘tells’ her everything in his own way. She really gets him talking! He always has a sense of peace after his visit. One of the most amazing things she has helped with is his head shape. When we first started, his head was shaped diagonally and his glasses could not be on straight. Now, his glasses are almost perfectly straight. Twice, she has reduced a cough/cold by five days. Her magical touch is a blessing.

         When my son reaches for something and completes the action, I call it a ‘window of brilliance’ because of its rarity. Recently, Melissa did two sessions which included brain therapy and then my son answered a yes/no question a lady asked by opening his ‘Yes/No’ iPad app. That was definitely a first. —T.H.

“I am a mother of an autistic child and have tried numerous therapies. At the age of 5 1/2, my son began craniosacral therapy. He has been receiving this therapy for two years. I am at peace knowing that my son appears to feel better. Other benefits include an increase in calmness, expression, awareness, and eye contact. His speech is also clearer.

         Recently, I had to take him off his prescriptions and supplements for baseline testing and his symptoms returned. Melissa tried brain integration techniques and within days his energy, responsiveness, and connection improved. He was started on his meds again, but with brain therapy has shown steady improvement in cognitive, social, language, rhythm and body awareness and has began singing again.” —L.G.

"I have been seeing Melissa for over five years now and I can't give her enough praise. I can say that she makes my poor old muscles dance with glee." —B.B.

"Melissa has healing hands. Add to that her loving heart and giving soul and you have a wonderful therapist." —S.M.

"Melissa has taken care of my 'spirit' for several years, and she soothes all my 'ills.' A dear friend, and a spiritual healer." —F.E.L.

"I have reached the magical age of over 50. When I walk in, I feel my age, but when I walk out, I feel younger and exhilarated.
My doctor said to continue regularly
because it is so good for the circulation." —J.E.

"She is like an angel because she has helped me and my family during my recovery." -N.H.

"My entire family has benefited from Melissa's expertise with multiple healing techniques and her personal commitment to our well being.
She is by far the best massage therapist we have known.
We consider her our 'breath of fresh air' during difficult times." —M.H.

"Melissa has magic hands." —J.M.

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